here are some powerful examples of how athletes in many different domains are using T.A.P./ EFT.

“Lisa is absolutely amaimg_3447zing. I was a skeptic at first of tapping, but I figured I’d give it an open shot for myself and my baseball students. Lisa made it fun, and even got high school kids to consistently do tapping (and everyone knows, it’s near impossible to get high school kids to do anything). Some of my kids were even doing it before tests because they liked the results. Her results were great. Accuracy and focus improved effortlessly for my baseball students. Anyone trying to break through a plateau or trying to reach a higher level in any sport, needs to give keep an open mind and give Lisa a shot. She’s the real deal, and you’ll absolutely love the results.”

Trevor Davis
Pitching, fitness, and nutrition coach
365 Baseball and Fitness

“I realized the power of working with Lisa during a rehearsal for a circus performance. I was on an unusually slick stage and finding it impossible to do the stunts I needed to as part of my act on a 6 foot unicycle. Since I was 1 of 5 other performers, who were depending on my accuracy for THEIR safety, it was critical that I find my balance and poise. I just couldn’t get it, was frantic, in tears, and considering withdrawing.


Then I worked with Lisa. Immediately I felt calmer, at ease. As we continued to work I gained confidence and most importantly- got back my balance. Our troupe was able to perform our piece as choreographed and we did very well. I’ve used her technique ever since. She is easy to work with and has a deep understanding of athletes/performers and their dilemmas”   

photo credit to Rudolf Steiner School of Geneva- Circus

Nicole Brändli
circus performer, Switzerland

“EFT has helped me tremendously with ski racing, tennis, music and most of all life. It has given me confidence I never dreamed I could have. EFT has allowed me to push my limits and feel more comfortable and safe. It has made an immense difference. I feel, however, that my work with EFT would not have had the same effect if it hadn’t been for Lisa. She helped me discover what was holding me back and work through my challenges. She is truly amazing and her support and work has made all the difference for me.”

Shanti van Vuuren
amateur ski racer, Colorado

“Lisa was so great in helping me break through a very long lasting and difficult obstacle in quite a short period of time. This breakthrough definitely helped me to up my game! Check out what she’s offering. You’ll love it!”

S. N. Westminster, Colorado

And from some well know figures…

“EFT provides great healing benefits.” 

Deepak Chopra, MD

“Put away your skepticism. This really works.”  

Dr. Wayne Dyer

“EFT is the most powerful new transformational technology to come along in years.”  

Jack Canfield, author Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Nothing comes closer to ‘magic’ than the positive results I have personally witnessed using EFT on thousands of my patients”

Dr. Joseph Mercola

And here’s  a link to a video of Bralon Taplin Using EFT Tapping at Olympics 2016  YouTube Video of Bralon Taplin

Thanks to http://www.eftpowertraining.com/  for these following  quotes!

“EFT helped the pitchers get their heads out of the way so they can do what their body is trained to do. We had 6-7 guys out of a 10-man rotation using the methods.”

Dan Spencer
2007 National Pitching Coach of the Year

“Former Arizona Cardinals linebacker Seth Joyner said EFT has helped him, not only with golf but with his daily life. ‘It’s something you can use for everything,” Joyner said. ‘It’s a tremendous tool that I wish I had known about a long time ago.'”

Russ Christ
Scottsdale Republic newspaper, March 9, 2005

“I am so amazed with the effectiveness of EFT that I’ve made it as important a part of my baseball routine as throwing or running or lifting weights. I have more consistency, better command of my pitches, and I accomplish more in big games with less effort. Using EFT, I found the mental edge that raises an athlete from average to elite.”

Pat Ahearne
Australian League Pitcher of the Year

“I kept shooting well…doing EFT the rest of the day. I hit the dead center of the bulls eye. It was a photo finish. I was excited and surprised to discover I set a new state record. I continue to use EFT every time I shoot any kind of competition and have shared it with other archers who have loved it.”

Tammy Bredy
Gold Medal, US Western States archery competition

“Lynn Francis has been working on curing the yips in golfers with…Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Mike Rotheram and Dr Mark Bawden, researchers at Sheffield Hallam University, were that intrigued by Lynn’s apparent success that they asked her to team up with them to trial her treatment…using the latest golf putting technology from SAM Motion Analysis. They…did five data collections at the University following intense treatments. Mike concluded: ‘This is undoubtedly the most effective treatment I have seen so far.'”

Paul Chapple
Golfer’s Chronicle

“EFT can remove mental, emotional, physical, and mechanical blocks so that athletes can perform at their highest level possible. There isn’t any other tool or technique out there that I’m aware of that can produce results like this.”

Stacey Vornbrock, MS, LPC
Coach to Top Ranked Pro Golfers and Baseball Players

“The gold medal game was an absolute thriller and Catherine hit some clutch shots from long range in the final few seconds to help Australia make it over the line. She is a true world champion, who is achieving her dream with the support of EFT.”

Steve Wells, PhD
Coaching Australian Netball Champion Catherine Cox at Commonwealth Games

“Overall, the team has improved 87% in free throw shooting percentage since learning EFT. Before EFT, they were making a dismal 40 out of 100 as a team. Since applying EFT the team has played 8 games and in that 8 games they skyrocketed to a team average of 75 out of 100.”

Brent Thompson, PhD
Clinic Director, Lifestyle Health Services

“For the International Championship I did EFT tapping before the race and also mentally while racing, and finished first with more than two minutes advantage over the runner-up, breaking the 9 mile overall record.”

Guillermo Penia
World Speed Record Holder, Kite Board

Former NFL linebacker Seth Joyner plays in the Andre Reed Celebrity Golf Classic on Monday, June 27, 2016, at Lehigh Country Club in Lower Macungie Township, Pa. (Matt Smith/The Morning Call via AP) THE EXPRESS-TIMES OUT; WFMZ OUT; MANDATORY CREDIT

“Golf is a game of how you react mentally. One bad shot or hole can ruin a round. EFT has improved how I think on the course, my calmness and my concentration..”

Seth Joyner
Former Arizona Cardinals linebacker

And here’s a great video from Dr. Shannon on Tapping and Sports. 


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