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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) — You don’t have to be a sports psychologist to understand the damaging effects of stress, anxiety, or damaging self-talk in championship sports. Just watch a basketball playoff, a golf tournament, or the Olympics.

Now watch a growing number of professional and amateur athletes and coaches as they discover EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), an innovative acupressure technique that eliminates performance anxiety in minutes, improving athletic accomplishments of every description. The procedure, which involves tapping on key acupuncture points while focusing on the problem at hand, is said to balance the body’s energy, eliminatin fears and phobias that interfere with performance.

Recently EFT practitioner Sam Smith in Australia taught the procedure to 37 participants at a charity’s rugby kicking contest. Male and female volunteers age 12 to 54 with no previous EFT experience kicked their best, then did a few fast rounds of EFT tapping to help them relax and focus, and tried again.

After EFT, they all improved in their distance and accuracy, averaging an overall improvement of 80.7 percent.

Smith had only a few minutes to demonstrate the procedure at the contest. “With more time and attention,” he says, “we could have improve everybody’s kicking beyond their wildest imagination …. This result clearly indicates the power of EFT in the simplest but very important part of just one sport.”

In cases reported at the official EFT website, a girls’ soccer team went from having a terrible season to winning every game, baseball player Paul Ahearne won Australia’s Pitcher of the Year award, professional and amateur golfers improved their scores, a girls’ high school basketball team began winning games, a gymnast overcame her fear of falling, and athletes in other sports stayed focused, improved their performance, or won their contests, all with the help of EFT.

In addition to improving sports performance by getting harmful emotions out of the way, EFT can improve range of motion suddenly and dramatically. EFT practitioner Stacey Vornbrock of Scottsdale, Arizona, has worked with Senior Professional Golf Association Tour players, two major league baseball players, a former National Football League player who is now on the Celebrity Pro Golf tour, and recreational athletes. These successes led to a physical therapy research project in which three patients were monitored by sensors and sophisticated technology. The patients’ range of motion, which had not responded to months of physical therapy, improved as much as 200 percent in a single EFT session.

There are EFT practitioners in most countries, especially the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South America. Many are licensed health care practitioners. The EFT website is now the sixth most actively visited natural health site in the world.

Over 1,000,000 have downloaded the official EFT training manual which has been translated by volunteer practitioners into nine languages. The manual, which is free, explains all the basics so readers can use it immediately. It can be downloaded from


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BEAVERS 11, TAR HEELS 4; Oregon State One Win From a Second Title

Every time he approached the third-base line on the way to the mound Saturday night, the Oregon State freshman right-hander Jorge Reyes bounded across the dirt as if it were piled high with hot coals. That is the most obvious of Reyes’s multitude of superstitions, which include tapping seven acupuncture points on his forehead and chest before every inning, and wearing the same shorts on days he pitches.

Get the entire NY Times story here…

The system is simply called tapping, and while Tom Hanson, the man who teaches this form of what he calls “energy psychology,” describes it as sounding “weird,” Boston Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia is a believer

“Tapping helps clear out the negative emotion,” he said. “Say you struck out to end the seventh inning, and you still have to play defense and might come up to bat again. How to clear out that negative emotion? “You focus on the negative. Start on your eyebrows. Focus on the negative. Each site, your eyes, below your nose, below your lip. The idea is to do a tap lap, go down and around, tap the top of your head, then start again. Tapping helps clear out the negative emotion.” Hanson said all the counseling he did with Saltalamacchia was done over the phone. “I’ve never met Salty,” he said, “but he became pretty functional, pretty fast.” Saltalamacchia said that tapping “has been very helpful,” and he has maintained a relationship with Hanson. The two may finally get together, both men said, during camp. Hanson acknowledges that his system represents a sharp break from his previous training in cognitive behavior. “This is below your conscious level,” he said. “Tapping is in the family of energy psychology.”

Boston Red Sox Catcher a believer!

and finally from the Huffington Post…

The Tipping Point for Tapping: EFT Goes Mainstream

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eft tapping

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