Improve NOW

What is it that you’re doing right now that you would like to correct?

  • too much tightness in your golf swing
  • always needing that second serve and slowing way down to make sure it’s in
  • a bad habit of releasing a ball too late
  • not enough concentration at the free throw line
  • favoring a muscle for fear of re-injury
  • unable to break through your comfort zone, even though you know you are ready physically


these issues are all real concerns that keep you from changing what you are doing now, even if that’s what your brain says needs to happen. Feel like it’s a head game? Well then just changing your mind should change your performance.

If is that easy- everyone would do it! But it’s not that easy. Every cell in your body needs to go through a change as well. By getting to the core of what is holding you back you can break through your barrier and get to your best performance.

I use a method I call T.A.P. (therapeutic acupressure points), to help you get to the core of your problem. It’s the easiest way to have long lasting results. This technique is known by many names. Meridian Tapping, Tapping, EFT (emotional freedom technique.)

Here’s how the great Dawson Church PhD. explains T.A.P. which he refers to as EFT…

“EFT works very simply and scientifically. It has us face and remember a negative emotional experience, a method referred to in psychology as “exposure.” We then pair that remembered trauma with a new cognitive input, reframing the memory with a statement of self-acceptance: “I deeply and completely accept myself.” While we hold these two items in mind, the traumatic exposure and the cognitive reframe, EFT then has us tap on our bodies. The tapping points used in EFT correspond to points used in acupuncture, and they release stress.

Tapping also soothes the body, introducing a non-traumatic physical stimulus, and interrupting the emotional triggering we’ve created through the traumatic memory. This pairing of a troublesome memory with a soothing physical stimulus often breaks the power of that memory, reducing its emotional intensity. In the language of behavioral psychology, we had a conditioned response of upset (a red tag) encoded to correspond to that memory. By thinking of the memory often and getting upset, we’ve established a strongly conditioned feedback loop.

Tapping signals the body that we’re safe, and so the conditioned loop is broken. Afterward, the nervous system no longer associates the memory with stress. The speed with which EFT can drain the emotional intensity of even long-held memories is quite startling to people who have not witnessed it before.” from The EFT Manual by Dawson Church, PhD. 2014

Are you ready to let go of whatever is holding you back?

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