Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions? I sure did when I got started. Here are a few I’ve answered in the past. If your question is not on the list, drop me an e-mail and I’ll try to answer it.


  • How can you help me improve all these areas of my performance?

With a centuries old technique of applying pressure to acupuncture spots. We call it T.A.P. You’ve probably done it yourself without even realizing. Rubbing your temples during a headache, covering your mouth when you are very surprised, throwing your open hand onto your chest when you are shocked, even clasping your head while watching an intense football play are all forms of this method!

  • What exactly is T.A.P.?

It is a simple procedure of tapping certain locations on the face and body called “points” or “acupoints.” T.A.P. stands for Therapeutic Acupressure Points. It is similar to acupuncture but it uses no needles. Acupuncture has become a highly regarded and common therapy for a variety of problems. Eventually other energy or vibrational healing methods such as EFT, TAT, will become mainstream as well.

  • How does T.A.P. work?

Energy flows through meridians in our bodies much the same way blood flows through our veins. When a person receives a physical injury or emotional shock, a blockage occurs in the meridian system and a decrease or confusion in energy flow results. Blockages cause a large variety of problems, most of which are emotional or behavioral in the beginning. If the blockage is not removed, the blockage can move to the brain causing brain damage, or to the physical body causing anything from muscle tension or rashes to cancer or heart disease. Releasing blockages with T.A.P. is a bit like releasing the kink in a garden hose. With no blockages in the hose, water can flow freely; with no blockages in the meridians, energy can flow freely and freely flowing energy allows the body to heal itself.

  • Why haven’t I heard of T.A.P. before?

Maybe because it’s too simple?! It’s so simple and easy and in many applications- can be so quick, that people tend to discount it’s effectiveness. We put it down to… “well, I was ready for a breakthrough or I must have been exaggerating the problem.” Coaches using this method have thousands of stories of people getting amazing results and crediting something else, simple because we have never experienced something this effective. That’s what happened the first time I used it. I was in a situation that I was very fearful of- for no good reason. After a few minutes of tapping, I said to myself, hmmm, “I must not have been that afraid.” Another reason energy healing is not widely known is because it is simple, easy to learn, inexpensive and uses no drugs. Drug companies tend do all they can to keep “simple, easy to learn, inexpensive and uses no drugs” out of the mainstream. There isn’t enough money in a process: that’s quick and easy to learn, can be done anywhere, and have immediate results.

  • How will I feel after a session?

People describe their feelings after tapping as “lighter,” or “very relaxed.” Often they feel as if they can breathe easier or they feel happier and they feel more flexible and energized. Sometimes, if they are dealing with very difficult issues, they feel quite drained and tired or tearful after finishing a session, but experience relief of symptoms when they are rested. Pain, anxiety, distress over a game or specific move, can disappear during one session. Often one or two sessions will eliminate nightmares and sleeplessness; stress and tension from triggers or delayed reaction situations can be relieved in minutes. Tapping deals with the cause of discomfort which lies in the energy system rather than dealing with the symptoms of discomfort which lie in the mind or body or both. For that reason, the same procedure works for most complaints by eliminating the underlying cause.

  • Is T.A.P. always effective?

Well, it is effective in many situations. There are certain instances in which it doesn’t work. If it is not working, the trick is to discover why it isn’t working. The primary reason for tapping not working is that you may not be reaching the “core” of the problem which is more often than not a deep emotional shock. Was that a race EVERYONE expected you to win? The memory of a coach screaming in your face? When you heard the crack in your arm were you afraid you’d never compete again? Are you starting to play even better than someone you love or admire? Other reasons for ineffectiveness can be physical problems such as a chemical sensitivity or a food allergy. The most common reason it doesn’t work is lack of hydration. Most of us simply don’t drink enough water every day. We are working with the electrical part of our bodies. Energy is electrical in nature and water is a natural conductor of electricity. It is important to drink enough water each day while working with T.A.P. to be sure the energy is flowing freely. When tapping is not effective you need to be a bit of a detective to discover the reason or reasons. That’s the advantage of working with a good practitioner.

  • Does T.A.P. take the place of medical treatment?

NO! Absolutely not. Tapping acts as a supplementary aid to healing. If you need medical treatment for something, by all means see a doctor. If you need surgery, have a medical condition, or have a serious chronic problem, seek medical help. Meridian tapping will help alleviate causes, but sometimes you need to have emergency relief for an immediate problem. DO NOT delay treatment for serious problems. But DO use tapping as a supplement to speed healing and reduce trauma. Tapping can be used effectively to calm a person and even alleviate problems while waiting for medical help. One EMT in the Seattle area has taught her colleagues to use tapping on their way to the scene of an accident to calm both themselves and those injured in the accident. Unless they are too busy, they continue to tap while traveling to the hospital.

  • Can you tell me more about T.A.P.?

Gary Craig, departing from work by Dr. Roger Callahan, developed EFT (I call it T.A.P.) and has given it, essentially free, to the world. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is similar to acupuncture in that it uses the some of the same points on the body. However, instead of needles, this system uses fingertips to stimulate certain “acupoints” thus relieving blocks in the energy system. This technique is also called meridian tapping. Because that’s exactly what we are doing, lightly tapping points along the bodies meridians. The points may be lightly tapped, pressed or even just touched with fingertips. Like any energetic healing work, EFT works with Life Force or energetic flow through the body. With it, phobias and stubborn anxieties often fade in minutes. A remaining trauma from an injury that is long healed physically, can frequently be released within one or two sessions. Achievements in sports can be given a powerful boost. Anger can be managed more reliably. Depression can in many cases be alleviated without drugs. Achievements in sports can be given a powerful boost. Other complex issues can be separated into a network of self-limiting beliefs and dysfunctional emotional responses [and are] eliminated one by one.”1

One of the primary differences between EFT and other modalities of healing is that the client can learn to do it, thus “becoming a provocative force in their own healing; in a sense, acting as their own therapist. . . .”2

The speed with which EFT works, combined with the capacity for self-work, is not only empowering but far less expensive than traditional therapies. While the individual becomes an active participant in his own healing, it helps to work with another person. One of the most difficult things to do is to understand one’s own problems. A facilitator can help reach issues we have buried. We also benefit from the increased energy of another, much the way additional instruments in an orchestra boost the energy and substance of the music.

1. Landrith, Garland; Healing Pathways to Love, (www.universelieswithin.com.) 2. Feinstein, David, The Promise of Energy Psychology, (New York: Tarcher/Penguin Putnam, 2005.)

  • What are the possible side effects?

You might feel especially tired after a session or tearful. Or maybe energized. Some people feel a lightness or tingling. These are all signs that energy IS moving where it was stuck before. Just be sure to be drinking enough water and rest if you need it. Above all, take care of yourself.

  • My problem is especially tricky. Trying to change a bad habit. How does that work?
  • Using the tapping and a light relaxation, we are actually re-wiring the neurological pathways in the brain and allowing new synapses to fire. This is MUCH deeper than simply positive thinking, which most people have dismal results with. This is change at a cellular level, which is long lasting and fast! And can be used WITH positive thinking to turbo charge your results!
  • Will it work if I don’t believe in it?

The first time someone used T.A.P. with me I thought they were crazy. It was the weirdest, stupidest thing I’d ever seen or tried and I hated doing it. I just did it to make this person stop bugging me and go away. But I had AMAZING- jaw dropping results, so I looked into it, studied it, starting using it on everyone who would hold still and 15 years later, here I am! With a successful practice and thousands of success stories! Will you be one of them?

  • What if I want to try it first before I commit to anything?

I want you to try it too! Yes before you pay a cent. That’s why I offer a free first session. That’s right, you don’t pay anything to try it out and see what you think. What have you got to lose? 

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